Encyclopaedia Britannica Announces the Electoral College as 2020 Story of the Year

People also turned to Britannica to learn more about the lives and accomplishments of prominent Americans lost this past year.  Searches for Kobe Bryant[8] spiked after the tragic death of the NBA legend in January, as did the biographies for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg[9] and American civil rights leader John Lewis[10] in reaction to their deaths.

In a year of much uncertainty and angst, many looked for ways to decompress and enjoy time spent at home.  Top searches in the world of entertainment include a 7,715% spike for Alexander Hamilton[11] when the Broadway hit was released on Disney+ and a 18,815% increase for Catherine the Great[12] when Hulu debuted The Great, a television series loosely based on the rise of the Empress of Russia.

“What the data shows is that people are turning time and time again to Britannica to put knowledge into context,” says Gregersen.  “Whether they are tuning in to watch Tiger King on Netflix, thinking about how to best protect themselves and their loved ones from the COVID-19 pandemic, or watching the U.S. presidential election unfold, they rely on the facts and trust the credibility of Britannica. In today’s world, Britannica is more relevant than ever.”  

Read more about Britannica’s 2020 Story of the Year and Year in Review.  [13]



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